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Who Are You And What's All This About? We are a server for the multiplayer mod "SA-MP" for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Our goal since we started in 2006 is to provide a great, realistic gamemode based on criminals and cops chasing them.

What does "CnR" Stand For? CnR Stands For Cops And Robbers. Yes, it's that simple!

What do I Need To Play? To play on the server, you will obviously need Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Then you will have to download SA-MP, the online mod for GTA:SA. Once you have installed SA-MP, you will be able to find our server in the server list.
Click Here For The SA-MP Website

How Do I Play? Check out the Help Section and the Commands Page or Visit the Forums for more information. You can also type /help, /rules or /commands in the game for information.

How Do I Get Unbanned? Click on the "Banned?" button on the left and fill out out the Unban Form. Your unban request could take a while to be processed, so please be patient. Do NOT post in the forums or contact admins about being unbanned!

How Do I Kill Myself without a /kill Command? Well that's a stupid question...

How Do I Change Classes Without Quitting? Press F4. The next time you die, you will be sent to the class selection screen. Type /kill to kill yourself immediatly.

How Do I Enter A Vehicle As a Passenger? Press "G" close to a passenger door (default key).

What does "nick/id" after all the commands mean? It simply means that the command uses a player's nickname or id as a parameter. You can enter a player's ID (#), full nick, or a only a part of his/her nick. The nickname auto-complete system will find the player who has the text you entered in his nick.

How Do I Score / Make Money? By doing your job. Killing people will NOT increase your score or money, and killing people for no reason will get you kicked. For information on how to do your job, visit the Skill Commands page or type /skill in the game.

How Do I Save My Stats / Money / Life? Register in the game (/register). Once you are registered, your stats and current life are automatically saved any time you leave the server (even if you timeout). Visit The Help "Saving Stats / Life" Section for more information.

How Do I Continue My Last Life? You must be registered. When you join the server, login (/login) BEFORE spawning. The last class you used will then be displayed in the class selection screen. Press SHIFT to continue your last life, or type /spawn to start a new one. If you login after spawning or type /spawn after logging in, your last life will be lost. Visit The Help "Saving Stats / Life" Section for more information.

My Money And Stats Don't Save! If you are registered, yes they do. Make sure you login before spawning. Each city uses it's own life data and stats, so you will have different stats / lives for each city.

How Do I See My Stats? Type /stats in the game to see your current life stats, or /total for your total stats. You can also use these commands to see another player's stats. Stats for registered players are also displayed in the Stats section of the website.

What Do I Do if I spot a Cheater? Whatever you do, DON'T scream it in the chat. You'll just scare the cheater away, preventing an admin from getting proof. Use the /complain command to send a confidential message to the admins about it.

How Do I Deal With Abusive Cops / DMers? The best solution is always to avoid them. Shooting back is never the best solution, as it makes you look like a deathmatcher too. Use /complain to report them (even if no admins are on the server). You can also post any evidence in the forums in the proper section. Because of the amount of players and complaints, admins cannot always immediatly deal with every complaint, so don't feel bad if nobody responds.

How Can I Be A Regular Player? To be a Regular Player and gain access to the Regular Player's Club, the admins must nominate you as a good player. So follow the rules and get to know the other regulars and admins! Posting on the forums / visiting the IRC Chat helps.

How Can I Be An Admin? First of all, DON'T ASK!! Admins are selected by CrazyBob from players who have been here a very long time, and who are well known by the players. If we want you to be an admin, WE WILL ASK YOU.

Can I Save My Money When I Die? The only way to continue your current life when you die is to have Life Insurance. You can purchase Life Insurance at City Hall. If you are not covered by Life Insurance, you will lose everything when you die and you will start a new life. The only exception is your Score, which never gets reset.

Can I Send A Suggestion For The Server? You can post any Suggestions for the server or script in the Suggestions section of the Player Forums.

Can I Use MODS On The Server? The only MOD that is allowed on the server is the Detailed Radar Mod. Any other MODs will result in a ban.

Can I Download Your Script? Unfortunatly, Crazybob's Cops And Robbers is still being develloped and is not available for download.

You can get help in the game by typing /help, /rules or /commands IN GAME.

Server Rules: 1. Respect Admins
Admins are there to make sure the game is fun. DO NOT PRETEND to be an admin, DO NOT INSULT admins, and listen to what they say. Anyone who doesn't respect an admin is IMMEDIATLY BANNED. Any attemps to log in as admin results in an instant ban. Insulting any admins will also result in an immediate ban.

2. No Advertising
Absolutely no advertising on the server, that includes Web Sites, Other Servers and Clans. Clans caught advertising or recruiting will have their tag banned.

3. No Bitching about the Server
It takes alot of ressources to run a server, and I get absolutely nothing in return. So if you don't like the server or your ping, don't bitch about it, just go elsewhere. Players who constantly bitch will be kicked.

This one is obvious.. ANYONE (yes, even regulars) caught with a cheat are immediatly banned. There is no point in cheating in Cops and Robbers, unless you really can't drive, in which case you shouldn't be playing. Cheaters are the lowest of the low, and are not welcome on the server. THIS INCLUDES any bug exploits. If you get caught cheating, pleading your case is useless as we only ban once we have very good proof.

5. Respect Other Players
Another simple one... Everyone just wants to have fun, so try to respect eachother. That means no hitting your teammates, no racism and no constant arguing with other players. Also, when you're a cop, please try not to hit or block other cops. If you lose control, let others pass before taking off.

6. Cops: No Teamkilling / Innocent Killing
Cops MAY NOT attack other cops or innocent civilians (white). Cops may only shoot in self defense.

7. No Deathmatching / Random Killing
Random Killing or killing someone for no reason is not tolerated in Cops And Robbers. It's not a deathmatch server, so don't kill / attack people for no reason, or you will be kicked / banned. This includes random hit contracts.

8. No Pausing!
Do not Pause the game for any reason! If you need to go away, quit and come back later. People who pause will be automatically kicked, and possibly banned.

9. Drive Properly!
Drive in the RIGHT lane, don't ram other people's cars for no reason and stay out of the way of police chases. Try to drive like you would in real life and try to watch out for other drivers. If you are a cop, give other cops enough space during a chase.

10. NO MODS!
The only mod allowed on the server is the detailed radar mod. If you have any other mods, you may not join the server. Anyone with mods will be banned.

Admins may enforce rules as they see fit, so be sure to listen to them.

Finally, CrazyBob's is INTERNATIONAL. You may speak the language you chose in the server. 

How To Play:

CrazyBob's Cops And Robbers is a mix of roleplay and freeroam. The goal of the script is to give the players the freedom to do many different things, and to be as life-like as possible. The player icon colors are as follows:

Blue = Law Enforcement
Purple = Cop Requesting Backup
White = Innocent Civilian
Yellow = Suspect
Orange = Suspect, Warrant Issued
Green = Driver On Duty (Innocent)

There are many different skills / jobs.
Law Enforcement / Police

Police must protect the city and it's innocent civilians from crime. Officers should patrol the city looking for Suspects. Suspects without a warrant should be issued a ticket, which they can pay to decrease their wanted level. Suspects with a warrant should be arrested. Police officers should never attack innocent civilians or other police officers, and should only shoot at suspects in self defense. Red Checkpoints (watch your radar) will appear to indicate the direction to any police calls.

Police Officers can visit any of the Donut Shops (SF, LS and Fort Carson) for a break. They can also refill their weapons, health or armor at any Police Department by using the /refill command. Police Officers also receive a daily pay depending on their rank, and a "Cop Of The Day" bonus is awarded to the best cop each day.

See the Police Commands Page for a Detailed List of Commands and usage.


Civilians can do what they want, but each skill has specific Skill Commands and duties / jobs. Red Checkpoints (watch your radar) will appear to indicate the direction to any calls for your services.

Aside from their skill specific commands, all civilians can do many other things, such as:

- Stealing money from people. All civilians can use the /rob command.

- Raping people and spreading diseases. All civilians can use the /rape command.

- Selling cars at the docks for money. Only certain cars can be sold, some are worth more than others. A message will tell you if you can sell your vehicle when you enter it.

- Truck deliveries. You can deliver goods to different locations for money in any truck.

- Smuggling / Courier Missions. Deliver illegal goods from one city to another while avoiding the police!

- Fishing. Find a boat and try to beat the current fish records! You can eat your fish, slap people with them or sell them at any 24/7.

- Growing Drugs. You can buy seeds at any 24/7. After harvesting your drugs from you plants, you can consume them to refill your health or sell them at any drug refill point. Watch out for cops and other players finding your plants!

- Hunting. Deer and other creatures will attack your drug plants, if you are close enough you will kill them.

- Robbing Banks. Careful, robbing money from other people's accounts is a good way to make ennemies!

- Holdups. Enter any 24/7, Ammunation or Restaurant and steal as much as you can!

- Robbing Casinos (LV Only). Find the robbery checkpoint inside any of the 3 casinos to begin a robbery.

- Other Robbery Locations (Mint in San Fierro and CrazyBob's House).

- Missions, such as Vehicle Selling Missions, Drug Delivery Missions, Police Patrol Missions and Food Delivery Missions.

See the Missions Page for More Information.

There are also 20 different Race Challenges with saved Top 10 Times that any skill / class can attempt to beat.

See the Race Challenges Page for More Information.

Saving Your Life / Stats:

To save your life and stats, you have to Register. Type /register and you will be asked to enter and verify a password. Once you are registered, your Current Life (if you are alive) and your Total Stats will automatically be saved when you leave the server. Please note that you will have a different life and different total stats in each of the 3 cities (Las Venturas, San Fierro, Los Santos). This means that any progress made in one city will only be saved for that city. Do NOT Register multiple accounts, or they will all be deleted!

To continue your last life when you join the server, make sure you Login before spawning. Type /login at the Class Selection Screen to login. After you succesfully enter your password, press SHIFT to spawn and continue your life. If you spawn before you login, your last life will be lost.

When you die in CnR, you start a new life, which means you lose everything you had. The only exception is your score, which you never lose. If you want to continue your current life after you die, you will have to purchase Life Insurance. Life insurance lets you continue your current life when you die. (You will respawn at the hospital, or in jail if you were wanted). Pressing F4 to goto the class selection screen after death will cancel any life insurance you have - you will start a new life.
Visit City Hall to purchase Life Insurance

Finally, if you are registered, you can view your total stats for the three cities on the Player Stats section of the website.

Insurance Information:

Life Insurance
Life Insurance lets you continue your life and keep everything you have if you die. If you have life insurance, you will respawn at the hospital or in jail (if you were wanted) when you die. One (1) Life Insurance contract is good for one (1) life. You can have up to 5 life insurance contracts at one time. The cost of Life Insurance depends on the amount of life insurance contracts you currently have and the amount of life insurance contracts you have used in your current life.
Pressing F4 Will Cancel ALL Life Insurance Contracts You Have.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance allows you to purchase Medical related items for free at any Hospital or from Medics. The free items include: Heals, Cures and Condoms. Health Insurance contracts last for seven (7) game days and have a fixed cost.

You can purchase Insurance from City Hall


How To Use The Commands

Required Parameter

Optional Parameter. Leave blank for closest player, menu selection or default value.

You can enter a players ID, Nickname, or a partial nick, or use a Quick String.
The Nick Auto-Complete system will automatically complete any partial names
(Ex: CrazyB = CrazyBob)
Command shortcuts are listed for each command. Use the Left Menu to Navigate.
Type /commands in the game for a list of commands.

Civilian Commands:

Pays your current ticket. You must have been issued a ticket before using this command. (Non Law Enforcement)

Puts your hands up and surrenders yourself to the police. (Suspect Only)

/bribe [nick/id] [price]
Offers a bribe to a police officer. Leave nick/id blank to offer the bribe to the closest police officer. Default Price: $5000 (Non Law Enforcement)

/rob [nick/id]
Attempts to rob a player. Leave nick/id blank to attempt to rob the closest player. Pickpockets and Con Artists are more succesful at robbing. (Non Law Enforcement)

/rape [nick/id]
Attempts to rape a player. Leave nick/id blank to attempt to rape the closest player. Rapists are more succesful are raping. (Non Law Enforcement)

/piss [nick/id]
Takes a piss / piss on someone. (Non Law Enforcement)

Fart. (Non Law Enforcement)

/flash [nick/id]
Exposes yourself to someone. (Non Law Enforcement)

/givedrugs (nick/id) (qty)
(/gdrugs, /gd, /druggive, /dg)
Gives drugs to another player. (Non Law Enforcement)

/takedrugs [qty]
(/drugtake, /td)
Consumes drugs to another player. (Non Law Enforcement)

/hotbox [qty]
(/hotb, /hb)
Consumes Drugs with other players in your vehicle (gives drugs to others). (Non Law Enforcement)

Plants one of your seeds at your current location. You must have seeds before planting. (Non Law Enforcement)

Apply Deer Bait to one of your drug plants. (Non Law Enforcement)

Set a Deer Trap close to one of your drug plants. (Non Law Enforcement)

/plantgps [plant]
Activates or deactivates your plant GPS to track the selected plant. Leave plant blank for a list of your growing plants. You must own a Plant GPS before using this command. (Non Law Enforcement)

/drugsell (qty)
(/selldrugs, /dsell, /ds)
Sells your drugs At any Drug Refill Point for 50$ / Gram. (Drug Refill Points Only, Non Law Enforcement)

/dice [nick/id] [price]
Requests or accepts to play a dice game and bet with another player. (Non Law Enforcement)

(/deliver, /del, /truck)
Begins a truck delivery mission. (Non Law Enforcement)

Begins a courier / smuggling mission. (Non Law Enforcement)

(/robcasino, /casinor, /robc)
Begins a casino robbery. You must be in the casino robbery checkpoint inside a casino to begin a robbery. (Non Law Enforcement)

(/robbank, /bankr, /robb)
Begins a bank robbery. You must be in the bank checkpoint to begin a robbery. (Non Law Enforcement)

Begins a Holdup / Store Robbery. You must be in a store (24/7s, Restaurants, Ammunations, vv2v's Sex Shop, Maurice's Mod Shop) to begin a holdup. (Non Law Enforcement)

/driver [fee]
(/drv, /taxi, /limo, /bus, /air)
Sets your fare per 10 minutes and goes on duty. You must be in a driver vehicle (taxi, limo, bus or air vehicle) before using this command. (Driver Skill)

/drivermsg (message)
Sends a message to all other drivers on duty. You must be on duty before using this command. (Driver Skill)

/healme /cureme /healcureme
(/hme, /cme, /hcme)
Heals and / or Cures yourself. (Medic Skill)

/heal [nick/id] /cure [nick/id] /healcure [nick/id]
(/h, /c, /hc)
Heals and / or Cures another player. (Medic Skill)

/infect [nick/id]
Attempts to infect another player with a disease. (Medic Skill, Non Law Enforcement)

(/hits, /hl)
Displays a list of the current hit contracts. (Hitman Skill)

/sex [nick/id] [price]
(/sx, /prostitute)
Offers sex to another player for money. (Prostitute Skill)

/food [nick/id]
Delivers food to a player who called for delivery, or offers food to another player. (Food Delivery Skill)

/beer [nick/id]
(/drinks, /drink, /booze)
Delivers drinks to a player who called for delivery, or offers drinks to another player. (Food Delivery Skill)

/drugsell [nick/id] [price]
(/selldrugs, /dsell, /ds)
Offers drugs to another player. Price is per gram. (Drug Dealer Skill)

/weapons [nick/id]
(/weaponsell, /wsell, /ws)
Offers weapons to another player. (Arms Dealer Skill)

/items [nick/id]
(/itemsell, /itms, /item)
Offers items to another player. (Street Vendor Skill)

/refill [item]
Displays a list of available drug refill quantities or purchases the specified item. (Menu) You must be inside an Ammunation to use this command. (Arms Dealer Skill)

/kidnap [nick/id] [ransom]
Attempts to kidnap the specified player. You must be driving a vehicle, and the player must be in your vehicle to use this command. (Kidnapper Skill)

/kidnapall [ransom]
Attempts to kidnap all the passengers in your vehicle. You must be driving a vehicle to use this command. (Kidnapper Skill)

/release (nick/id)
Releases the specified player. You must have kidnapped the player to use this command. (Kidnapper Skill)

Releases all your kidnapped victims. You must have kidnapped at least one person to use this command. (Kidnapper Skill)

Sets your prices for the items you sell (Street Vendor, Arms Dealer, Drug Dealer, Medic, Food Delivery)

Attempt a mission at a Mission Checkpoint or in a Mission Vehicle. See the Missions Page for more information.

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